Cover “A Lot Of Leavin” By Dierks Bentley

Last Chance Saloon Band (Version 3) Covers
Dierks Bentley's "A Lot Of Leavin"

Ed's Final Performance With Me

We didn't know it at the time, but this would be the last time Ed Hood would perform with me. I call this version 3 of LCS Band because Ed was the addition for version 2 (which was the 3-piece) and version 3 saw the addition of Todd (last name withheld to protect the innocent) and JT Parnell on fiddle (and acoustic as pictured). Paul Dobbs is on Pedal Steel in this video.

I can't remember what our closer was that day, but it certainly wasn't "A Lot Of Leavin" by Dierks Bentley.  I just realized the irony of this video though. 

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