Cover “Good Hearted Woman” By Waylon Jennings (in a Willie wig)

The 2nd Version Of Last Chance Saloon Band Covers Good Hearted Woman (in a Willie wig)

Why I Love This Video

This was ain impromptu gig to film for the NashNext contest (I forget what year). I was actually on my way out of music for a short spell because my son was recently born. 

The Last Chance Saloon Band was running as a 3-piece at the time with the new Bass Player, Ed Hood (who had been with the band a few years by this point). When Ed auditioned, he sang like Wille Nelson (and I mean JUST LIKE Willie Nelson). When he was offered the gig, I told him we would make "Willie" part of the show, and we did. The wig was always paired with a "wanna see my willie" joke, and it was a crowd-pleaser for years to come.

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