New Single “How ‘Bout A Refund”

A Song For Law Enforcement Professionals

We are living in some very interesting times... No matter how the television tries to spin the story, I support law enforcement.  I also think there are many more just like me.  That is who I wrote this song for.

For some reason, the talking heads have decided to make this a polarizing issue.  I think our best way through any situation is to talk it out, find a happy medium, or peacefully agree to disagree.

One thing I think we can all agree on though is that it is fundamentally irresponsible to defund the police.  Not only does it leave our communities unprotected from violent crime, but some of us would like to know why we are paying taxes for these services if they aren't going to be provided.

That's where the refund comes in.  Either give my money back to the police or give it back to me.

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